East Coast Diversified Corporation (ECDC:OTCBB) was acquired in April 2010 by EarthSearch Communications a GPS service provider. Since acquisition the company converted its primary business from Restaurant to technology with the GPS operation of EarthSearch.

Since April of 2010, and the acquisition by EarthSearch, ECDC has embarked on developing as a technology company and creating new products and division while improving the EarthSearch product offering to the market.

Three years since acquisition the company was in R&D phase. During this period we developed:
3 distinct technology divisions
2 proprietary technologies:
1. wireless communications between GPS & RFID (comprising of several GPS, RFID and Cargo locking devices)
2. “JoinMe” for our social media divisionAn entire group of web assets, comprising of 5 major proprietary “Software” for the operation and management of our businesses.

Proprietary software:

  • Vir2o – Social media platform
  • ATIS – Global Asset Tracking and Identifications System (Logistics business)
  • CARAS – Customs And Revenue Authority System (Ports and revenue collection)
  • StudentConnect – Student Transportation and Safety technology
  • SCAAP – StudentConnect Advertisement Aggregation Platform.

Since 2018, East Coast has been acquired and rebranded as a Weather portal where we cover a lot of Weather News, Weather Station Guides, Weather Alerts and more.

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